Workshops and Classes

Rebecca Ann offers a wide range of classes and services!

By distance, by telephone, by Skype, or in-person, sessions usually available within five days.

You can find a contact form on the bottom of any of the pages detailing her services, as well as this one. If you need to book something urgently, please call Rebecca Ann at 305.343.2896.

Check out the listings below to discover what type of class, workshop, offering or special event resonates with you.

Hosted Rituals & Ceremonies

New Home or Office Blessings

New Moon Intention Setting

Full Moon Celebration
Equinox and Solistice Intention Setting.

2-Day Learn to Read the Akashic Records Classes

Beginning – Learn to Read Your Own Records
Advanced – Learn to Read Others Records

Lecture Topics

Understanding Our Akashic Record Soul Paths

Understanding Astrology

Understanding The New Spirituality

Lightworkers ~ Who They Are and Why They Matter

How To Enhance Your Spiritual Practices

Psychic and Spiritual Health and Ethics

Natural Health for Mind, Body, and Spirit

12-Step Recovery & Spirituality

Monthly Metaphysical Workshops

Akashic Record Wisdom Gallery Workshops are held monthly at Dancing Moon. Click here for a Calendar of Events to see dates / times.

Learn How to Meditate
Group Meditation Circles
How To Create and Maintain Sacred Space
How To Protect Yourself With Divine Energy
Spiritual Connection Through Prayer and Ritual
Spiritual Connection in 12-Step Recovery

How To Connect With Angels
How To Connect With Spirit Guides
Channeling ~ What It Is and How To Get Started
Intuitive Perception & Development Basics
Advanced Intuitive Perception & Development
(Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and Kinesthetic Perception)

Beginning Astrology
Electional Astrology (Intermediate to Advanced)
Atomic Energy Healing Basics
Master Your Own Chakras

Contact me today to book your Workshop, Class or Hosted Ritual or Ceremony.

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