Hi! I’m Rebecca Ann Helgesen

To me the work I do is a sacred trust, and responsibility. From both inner necessity, and my personal sense of honoring that trust, I’ve been blessed to undertake decades of personal spiritual practice, while also obtaining the highest quality and most extensive formal healing, Reading, and consciousness development education and training  I could find.

Over years I’ve learned and used a variety of techniques, but my biggest passion today is the opportunity to spread the word about how amazing Akashic Records work is, and to help more people than ever!

What remains the same though, since I first began helping others, is that I work from my heart and my soul to help you move from where you are to wherever you most long to be.

And this is true not just because of the amazing team of spiritual helpers I work with—or because of  me.

It’s because of you!

Your own beautiful soul’s deepest longings,
your readiness to advance,
and your own innate abilities
to perceive, heal, and awaken.

Because it is when these sublime aspects of you get activated that truly divine results follow!