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Are you curious about ~ or actively engaged in ~ physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing and transformation? Or, are you feeling limited by your current relationship, career, health, or emotional patterns, but ready to break into new territory?

Then you’re in the right place.

Halo Healing Arts offers real solutions to help you transform and shape your life going forward.  And it doesn’t matter if you are highly experienced, or a novice making your first spiritual and metaphysical explorations. Why? Because Halo Healing Arts sessions start from where ever you are to support you you further along your path.

From Sessions you can expect to gain improved well-being, plus a new, or expanded, sense of clarity, purpose, direction, inspiration, and joy.

Here’s How…

As an Akashic Records Consultant, I work as a team member with the Akashic Masters who keep your soul path records  to get you spiritually accessed, yet highly detailed,  practical, and strategic information. Working in the Records we cover what your soul plan and purpose are for this incarnation, what issues from past lives or earlier in this life may be limiting or supporting you, and you will get a healing transformation and energetic shift that clears limiting, subconscious history – all while empowering and freeing you to make the most of your life today and tomorrow! 

As an Atomic Energy Healing Science Practitioner available for in-person and remote sessions, I work with specialized healing and ancestral guides and with the cells and photonic light particles that make up your electro-magnetic human body, and multi-dimensional human energy anatomy. Blocks and entanglements are cleared as you are revitalized, which helps you quantum-leap into new mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual territory. Healing sessions empower, inspire, and soothe, plus relieve physical and emotional pains or symptoms as needed. And all of these operate to support you in ways that free you to transform your present and future in accord with your deepest soul longings. 

As a full-service Astrologer, I can offer you the extensively detailed and highly individual information available from your birth chart, and a variety of auxiliary charts derived from it.  As the spiritual blueprint of a life, whether it’s your own life, your partner’s or child’s, or the “life” of your creative project or business, understanding the chart is your key to gaining clarity, acting in concert with divine timing, and becoming empowered to create your best future.



      I’ve been seeing Rebecca for five years and have recommended many friends and family members to her who have all had the same caliber experience I’ve had: amazing. Rebecca’s insight and access to my soul records provides answers to my deepest questions about life, direction when I feel lost, and a warm wash of loving energy that sort of helps the insight stick. I see her every few months and it’s a visit I look forward to. It’s like going to the soul doctor. It’s better than therapy. Rebecca has opened up a new world to me and helped me connect to my spirit guides. I am so grateful!



“I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and through the years have referred a number of my clients to Rebecca for readings. Every single one of them has benefitted,  and some continue to get readings regularly. Recently I have consulted the Akashic Masters for information on how to treat some of my clients more challenging health problems, with great results. And once, when I had persistent pain in my ankle for several weeks, I got an Atomic Energy Healing and the pain disappeared within a couple of days. I can’t recommend Halo Healing Arts highly enough!” 



I am beyond ecstatic and amazed on the reading I received from Rebecca. Such a truly gifted soul! I presented my questions and she was able to access my Akashic Records and tie everything together for me. When she began the reading of my past lives…they were so detailed and descriptive..I almost could envision the life before me through my third eye. It was very easy to see. The wisdom, spiritual knowledge, and information both resonated and fed my soul on so many levels. I am honestly flabbergasted at the accuracy, professionalism, and healing that was given to me. All of my questions were answered! All of my past lives, as painful as they were, provided answers as to why I had certain fears/phobias in this lifetime. This was the best reading I ever had and it provided such much healing on a soul level. She really has touched my soul. I am beyond happy and I wish everyone in the world could get a reading from her. I left the reading feeling happy, lifted, joyful and pretty optimistic about my life. She is star and such an amazing spirit and I can’t thank her enough!


And in case you’re wondering? Areas you might want to ask about during an Akashic Records Session:

  • Interactions with friends and family
  • Romantic longings or conflicts
  • Repeating patterns and behaviors
  • Recurring dreams
  • Spiritual growth or path
  • Health issues
  • Connecting with loved ones who have passed
  • Soul purpose
  • Past lives
  • Guides and angels
  • Creative Expression
  • Moving or Relocating
  • Career and Financial Concerns

I hope to hear from you soon!

Much love,

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Meet Rebecca Ann

I’ve been intuitively aware since childhood, and as an adult have worked from the heart for many years as an  Energy Healer, Astrolger, and Akashic Records Consultant. My goal is always to help people feel and live better, and I consider my work  a sacred trust.

I’m so excited to bring the wonderful love, light, and healing of Akashic Records work to more people in more places! Thanks for visiting, and I hope you enjoy!