Atomic Energy Healing Science

Cultures around the world have described and worked with the human energy field to improve well being or treat adverse conditions for over 5,000 years.

Our physical cells are made of atoms. Atoms are made of positive and negative electrical elements that whirl around a nucleus, in varying combinations. This means our bodies are not “solid” as we tend to think of them, but at the most basic level, are made of energy. Not only that, but our energy ‘anatomy’ is not just inside us; every one of us is surrounded and inter-penetrated by a human energy field ~ a Halo~ of pulsing electric and magnetic energies. In an Atomic Energy Healing session, I work with these energies to clear and harmonize physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual states of being.

Most forms of Energy Healing also focus on the 7 major whirling vortexes of energy seated along the spine that are called Chakras. The Chakras correspond roughly to the human endocrine system in Western medicine, and are major portals through which energy moves into and through us.

Historically and today, most people who are aware of or work with the human energy field consider it to be sacred, the part of you that forms an energetic bridge between you and your spiritual or divine source. And this is spirit in which I also repair and balance the structure and spin of human chakras when I give a hands-on healing session.

In line with this, when I give an Atomic Energy Healing session I do not work alone, but with a variety of high-level healing guides (including your own), in order to charge, clear, and rejuvenate you. And, because this type of energy work is multi-dimensional, it works just as well if you are on another continent as it does when you are lying on the massage table in my office.

Atomic Energy Healing Science is my own blend of several healing modalities I’ve learned, combined with information and techniques I’ve been given by the healing spirit guides I work with. I wanted a name to call my work, which basically uses the streaming and directing of subatomic light particle energy flows plus information from spirit helpers to help my clients heal. So about 10 years ago I came up with the name Atomic Energy Healing Science. 

The main healing modalities I’ve trained in and now combine in my practice are:

1. During the 1990’s I spent 9 years practicing a Japanese for of energy work called Sukyo Mahi Kari, which involved radiating divine light to 22 different points on the human body. Mahi Kari was practiced primarily in a dojo on a donation basis, and all donations went to the dojo, not the practitioners.

 2. In 2002 I became a Reiki Master in the Usui tradition. In Reiki, practitioners let universal energy flow through them to wherever it’s needed, and energetically inscribe Japanese symbols into clients’ energy fields to enhance the healing effect.

3. In 2003 I graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing’s 4-Year Professional Healing program. This international school taught complex methods for actively directing energy (as compared to just letting it flow) through the human body, the chakras, and the first 7 levels of the human energy field. It also taught personal awakening, plus psychology, anatomy, physiology, and professional ethics along with energy healing techniques.

So these are the main trainings and techniques I’ve now combined into what I now call Atomic Energy Healing Science.






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