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Your horoscope is blueprint of all the strengths, weaknesses, patterns, trends, talents, mental attributes and creative potentials you were born with.

A horoscope reading by an Astrologer can help you make the best choices for reaching the very highest levels of success and personal fulfillment in your life: what actions to take, and WHEN to take them. Your horoscope is calculated for the exact place, day, year, and time of your birth. Most people find out their birth time from their birth certificate or a parent, but for suggestions about other resources where you might find your correct time, please contact me.

One common misconception about Astrology is that your planet and star combinations somehow make or cause you to be a certain way, or do certain things, that YOU CAN’T EVER CHANGE!

In this silly scenario, it’s as if you were a puppet being mysteriously operated by ‘planet rays’ streaking through the atmosphere from millions of miles away!

Of course, since Astrology is thousands of years old, there is a lot of knowledge that has been passed down for centuries. But in the same way that ancient laws against basics like stealing or punching people are still valid, while others, like those against women being able to inherit or own property, are completely outdated, anyone who begins to seriously study Astrology quickly finds that there are many old basics that still hold true, but also plenty of outdated crud about one’s PREDETERMINED FATE. But modern Astrologers know that, far from having a predetermined fate, the wise person RULES HIS OR HER STARS!

So how does that work? The truth is that all planet and sign combinations have light and shadow, higher self  and lower self, positive and negative possibilities.  And whether you develop or express the positive or the negative side of all the talents, tendencies, and challenges revealed in your personal birth chart is a choice – a choice that’s up to YOU – No matter what your chart is like. And this choice is what explains how a great artist and a savvy criminal born at exactly the same time, in the same place, can have such different lives, with the artist choosing a path of light and contribution, while the criminal chooses a path of darkness and harm.

According to modern, evolutionary Astrology, the kind I practice, the correspondences between planets, stars, and human lives are rooted in an “as above so below” paradigm. What that means is that the macrocosm above (of planets and stars in our solar system and universe) and the microcosm below (which is we individual people on earth) follow the same universal rhythms, cycles, and principles.

Today there are dozens of excellent books and astrology websites, as well as highly detailed computer generated astrology reports and interpretations available, all of which offer valuable information. All of them were, of course, written by professional astrologers. But only a live, individual astrologer working directly with you can fully synthesize the elements in your unique blend of planets, houses, and aspects, and that is where the science of astrology becomes an art. And it’s an art that will not only help you understand all the astrological details you were born with, but also help you understand how to use that information, in ways that make the most of your time on this earth in this life, and in terms of what’s happening in the sky today, tomorrow, and next year!

For Astro Nerds

If you find astrology fascinating, as I did when given my first Astrology book in high school (thankfully it was a high quality  book!) here’s some more technical information you may find helpful, and at the bottom, a couple of my favorite astrology book and website sources. 

Every astrology chart is basically a map of the sky at an exact time, as seen from a specific earth location (usually the time and place of birth). And all astrology charts have three main components that effect interpretations. The components are:

1. The 9 planets plus the Sun and Moon. Each one represents certain qualities of energy, such as Mars – assertion and action; Jupiter – expansion and knowledge; Mercury – Communication of all types.

2. The 12 signs, which represent additional energy qualities, which modify planet energy expressions, depending on what sign the planet was in when you were born. For example, with Mercury in Aries at birth, speech, writing, and other communications will tend to be bold and fearless, or fierce. With Mercury in Taurus at birth, a person will feel most confident by creating, rehearsing, and carefully following well planned outline when speaking, writing, or posting.  

3. The Houses of the horoscope. The 12 pie-shaped segments of the wheel where planets and signs live in a horoscope wheel each represent a different area of life. For example, the 4th house indicates home, family, and homeland issues or experiences, while the 5th house corresponds to creative talents and endeavors, and children, among other things. To synthesize? A chart starts with the energy qualities of a planet or luminary, which gets modified by the sign it is in at birth, and then that modified planet energy is further altered by operating in a distinct area of life, such as one’s home, or one’s creative talents or expression. There are certainly many more modifiers and chart points astrologers take into consideration, but these three fundamentals are the foundation of all the more refined or detailed interpretations.

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