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About Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual Transformation

 Comments from clients...

     "Working with Rebecca for the last couple of years has been one of the most enlightening experiences that I have had.  She is educated not only in the healing arts but in life, so the healing and the information that I have received has been grounded in the practical as well as the spiritual.  I always feel better when I get a healing or a reading.


     “I have been consulting with the Akashic Masters through Rebecca for over six years, and the accuracy of the information I’ve gotten has been consistent and incredibly helpful. Every time I get a reading I come away with fresh understanding,  profound clarity, and a spiritual uplift that leaves me feeling loved and supported. I have a warm sense that I am not alone in my struggles to deal with life." 
      "I am a Holistic Health Practitioner and through the years have referred a number of my clients to Rebecca for readings. Every single one of them has benefitted,  and some continue to get readings regularly. Recently I have consulted the Akashic Masters for information on how to treat some of my clients more challenging health problems, with great results. And once, when I had persistent pain in my ankle for several weeks, I got an Atomic Energy Healing and the pain disappeared within a couple of days. I can’t recommend Halo Healing Arts highly enough!”

Hey Rebecca,

Thank you for the reading! I've enjoyed your past readings, too, and you have been a major influencer in my new sense of self and self worth. The work you do is powerful and I resonate with your teachings.

In this age of unpredictability and regeneration, your teachings have great value in restoring order and aligning spirits with their higher selves.

Thank you for your work!


"I've been seeing Rebecca for five years and have recommended many friends and family members to her who have all had the same caliber experience I've had: amazing. Rebecca's insight and access to my soul records provides answers to my deepest questions about life, direction when I feel lost, and a warm wash of loving energy that sort of helps the insight stick. I see her every few months and it's a visit I look forward to. It's like going to the soul doctor. It's better than therapy. Rebecca has opened up a new world to me and helped me connect to my spirit guides. I am so grateful!"


     “I was having a flair-up of what is becoming an intermittent chronic problem due to compressed lower vertabrae. I was in some pain and Rebecca did a remote healing for me in the early evening. That night I felt a noticable shift and when I woke up the next morning (which is the worst time for the pain), I discovered I felt great! Thanks, Rebecca! You're amazing!”

D. A. S.

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much for your help throughout the last 10 years or so of my life!  I have loved working with you and always find the guidance and insight I receive pertinent, helpful, and it usually backs up my intuition or gives me a sense of calm that all is right or is going to be ok!


Hi Rebecca,

I wish I could describe the feeling of you telling me what my 11 year old self went through in  the 1200's.  When I went through the same thing in this lifetime, the feeling of implosion was so overwhelming... I can go back to that moment now like it was happening now.  It makes sense to me now.  You described it so perfectly - the betrayal, the extreme hard work and pain of life.....but knowing the past has relieved my present self from.... blame, if you will.  I feel like I've been spinning and seeing glimpses of things but suddenly everything locked into place and I can see straight down the barrel..

So now my journey is to process that to make sure that I don't have to live through it again.... to heal.


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