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For information on Akashic Records Soul Connection Workshops and Learn to Read the Akashic Records Classes, visit Choosing A Service, or Contact & Bio pages of this website.

                 Who we are, and who we are becoming!


Here's a view of the human energy field. It includes but is not  limited to seven chakra centers, which take in universal energy, and keep us going both energetically and physically. Chakra function problems contribute to spiritual, mental, emotional, and/or physical difficulties.


Here is a depiction of a divine angelic helper overlighting and assisting a (divine) human.

Here's some artwork showing the violet flame of transmutation, which is  facilitated by one of the Divine Masters of the Rays, and which we can enivison and bathe in for self-healing, clearing,and upliftment.


    Cool Links

Free Kryon Channelings

The Monroe Institute  

The Dancing Moon 

Barbara Brennan Healing School

Sukyo Mahikari Healing Light Practice

National Association Spiritualist Churches

Lee Carrol channels Kryon information on the consciousness paradigm shift currently expanding across the globe, and his latest channelings are regularly posted on the Kryon website to listen to (click free audio) or read (click channelings) for free. Kryon is an interdimensional helper of humanity.  Click above to visit the Kryon website.

The Monroe Institute, located in the foothills of the Shenandoah just outside of Charlottesville, VA, is a consciousness exploration and development organization offering week-long programs unlike anything else being offered on our planet at this time. Check out their site by clicking above for details!  

The Dancing Moon Books and Gifts metaphysical store and center in Raleigh, NC has been operated by the same owners and offered top quality products, classes, and metaphysical practitioner services for 25 years. They emphasize locally produced art, statues, jewelery, sprays, essences, and tinctures, carry a large and excellent selection of books and divination cards, and are definitely worth a visit whether you live in the Triangle or are just passing through. And all of their staff are metaphysical practitioners in their own right. For great photos and the calendar, click above for their website or like them on Facebook.
The Barbara Brennan School of Healing is an international school currently offering Energy Healing education in Miami and Austria. It was founded in Long Island, New York, in the mid-1980's. Students from dozens of countries attend, which is a wonderful education in itself.
The school's intensive 4-year Professional Healing curriculum is now offered as an accredited Bachelor of Science program, along with 3 (unaccredited) post-graduate years of advanced course work.  The school was founded by 
Barbara Ann Brennan, PhD, a former NASA Physicist, and a clairvoyant whose passion is bringing modern Energy Healing  education to the world. 
n addition to learning hands-on and distance energy healing techniques, students are trained in ethics, professional practice, and multi-dimensional consciousness and perception. In fact,  in order to pass the school's healing techniques at each grade level, students must undergo and are also graded on personal transformation, awakening, and development. For more information click above or search Barbara Brennan School of Healing on Facebook.

Sukyo Mahikari is a practice founded in Japan for channeling True Light or Divine Light to people. It is practiced in Dojos in several major U.S. cities, as well as in other countries. You can visit a center and receive light on a donation basis. Click above to visit their website.

National Association of Spiritualist Churches  Founded in the mid-1800's in the U.S, Spiritualist Churches practice mediumship as part of their church services. They also offer home-circles for learning mediumship, and protocols for becoming a Certified medium. In addition, they have several 'camps' around the U.S. which are actually small towns populated entirely by mediums. At the camps you can visit for workshops & trainings, attend mediumship worship services, purchase metaphysical items, and receive readings from the large variety of mediums who live there. Click above to visit their website. 


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