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Please call or email for more information, or for a free 15-minute consultation 
regarding services. 

Long distance healing or reading appointments are always available!

Office Locations:

312 W. Millbrook Dr., Suite 105
Open Branches Wellness
Raleigh, NC 27609


219 Racine Drive, Suite C
The Wellness Group, Room 1 
Wilmington, NC 28403 

In addition to offering private healing and/or reading sessions, Rebecca leads workshops, and lectures on a variety consciousness development, holistic healing, and metaphysical subjects.

                                  Akashic Records Workshop's Monthly  



Location: The Dancing Moon, 1840 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC, 27608
 Cost:    $25.00 

            For details click here:   http://dancingmoonraleigh.com/wordpress/event-calendar/

                  2-Day Learn to Read the Akashic Records Classes
                         Beginning -    Learn to Read Your Own Records

                         Advanced -    Learn to Read Others Records

 For more information about workshops or classes call Rebecca at 305-343-2896, or  email her at HaloHealingArts@gmail.com.

Service and Price Menu

Akashic Record Reading* 

Half Hour - 65
        Hour - 105
  1 1/2 Hour- 150 

Atomic Energy Healing Science Sessions

Half hour- 65
Hour- 105  

Astrology Reading*

Hour- 140
1 1/2 Hours- 190  

*Recording of your reading included

 Packages are available. Get a reading and a healing, or choose a bundle of 3 or 6 consecutive sessions and receive a discount.
Please ask me about my money-back guarantee for all sessions,
and my referral plan.

Workshops ~ Lectures

Prices vary ~ See Topics below

Call or Email for details

-By distance, by telephone, or in-person, sessions usually available within three days-

Background  - 

Rebecca Ann Helgesen, B.A., BHSP, began in 1989 and worked for 9 years as a Sukyo Mahi Kari Energy Healer, is a Reiki Master, and is also a 2003 graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing’s intensive 4-year Professional Healing Program, and 1 year of Advanced Studies. She learned mediumship in the Churh of Two Worlds, a Spiritualist Church, and gave intuitive readings and messages for 8 years before learning to read in the Akashic Records, in 2005, from renowned national Akashic Records teacher Lauralynn Bunn. Rebecca has studied Astrology since she was 17, and worked as a Professional Astrologer since the mid-1990’s. She had practices in the Washington, DC area and Miami, Florida before opening her Wilmington, NC office in 2006. She now resides in the Raleigh, NC area and maintains offices in Raleigh and Wilmington.  She also works nationally and internationally by phone and Skype.

Rebecca has  completed numerous programs at the Monroe Institute in Faber, Virginia (up through Exploration 27, for those familiar with Monroe work),
and including several that emphasized Dolphin Energy Healing techniques, which Rebecca continues to incorporate in her hands-on healing work. 
She spent two weeks on a personal healing journey at the John of God Center in Brazil, and has attended numerous workshops and metaphysical conferences, including at the Lilydale Spiritualist Camp in New York state, where she journeyed through 9 dimensions with Cosmic Astrologer Barbara Hand Clow, and at the Cassadaga Spiritualist camp in Florida. Her most recent conferences were a Louise Hay I Can Do It conference in Tampa, FL., and live Kryon channelings by Lee Carroll.


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