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    Why might you want to work with me?

You have a lot of choices when it comes to consulting with an Akashic Record Reader, an Astrologer, or an Energy Healer, both online and probably in your town or city too. So please let me introduce myself.

   My name is Rebecca Ann Helgesen, and I, like many people offering services, have been intuitively aware since childhood. But, partly because much of what I perceived as a child just scared  or confused me, I've never felt that childhood gifts qualified me to offer help to people facing
important issues in their adult lives. 

To me the work I do is a sacred trust, and responsibility. From both inner necessity, and my personal sense of ethics about honoring that sacred trust, I have been blessed to undertake decades of personal spiritual practice, while also obtaining the highest quality and most extensive formal healing, reading, and consciousness development education and training  possible. 

 Highlights include studying Astrology, meditating, practicing yoga, and working with a variety of oracles since age 17; holding a B.A. in Communications;
graduation from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing's intensive 4-year Professional Healing Program; frequent study at the one-of-a-kind Monroe Institute; Spiritualist Church training as a psychic medium; and many years of giving intuitive readings 
before training with an internationally renowned teacher in 2005, to learn how to give top quality Akashic Records Consulations. And now?I've completed additonal training to teach others to access the Akashic Records. Please call 305-343-2896 for more information about appointments, classes, or workshops.

(For a more complete resume of my education, click here).

Though I use a variety of techniques, 
what remains always the same is that
I work from my heart,
 and my soul, 
to help you move 
from where you are
  to whereever you most long to be.

And this is true not just 
because of the amazing
team of 'spiritual helpers' that I work with, or me,

but because of


Your own beautiful soul's deepest longings, 
your readiness to advance,
 and your own innate abilities
 to perceive, heal, and awaken. 

 Because it is when these sublime aspects of  you get activated
 that truly awesome results follow!

Plus, I am honored to work with very special people!

Who do I work with? Above all, with those vibrationally attracted to the high levels of insight, transformation, and healing my team and I can help  connect you with during a session, and then, freshly empowered, 
continue to unfold
 on your own

  I also specialize in helping therapists and holistic practitioners of all kinds, educators, artists and writers, those in 12-Step Recovery, and the Indigo and Crystal Children who are so highly conscious, yet so often in need of affirmation,
support, and education that can help them use their gifts.

Overall, the common impact of a getting an Akashic Records Consultation, Atomic Energy Healing Session, or Astrological Reading through Halo Healing Arts is this:
you leave your session feeling you have shed some limiting patterns or fears; have been physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually rejuvenated; and you are newly aligned 

with an ability 
to create your life
 so that it better fulfills
 your dreams for yourself
 and your highest good. 

  I so look forward to helping you achieve the goals of  greater joy, awareness, physical, mental, and spiritual  transformation and upliftment you seek... 


 Scroll down this page for pricing and details about:                                                                                                         

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                                                     Astrology Consultations

                                                Workshops and Classes 


Service and Price Menu

Akashic Records Consultation

Half Hour - 70
        Hour - 110
  1 1/2 Hour- 160 

Atomic Energy Healing Science Sessions

Half hour- 70
Hour- 110  

Astrology Consultation*

Hour- 155
1 1/2 Hours- 205 

*Recording of your reading included

Please ask about my sliding scale on fees if you need it!
 Packages are also available. Get a reading and a healing, or choose a bundle of 3 or 6 consecutive sessions and receive a 10 or 15 percent discount.
Please ask me about my money-back guarantee for all sessions,
and my referral plan. 

Workshops ~  Classes


Monthly Metaphysical Workshops

Location: The Dancing Moon, 1840 Wake Forest Rd., Raleigh, NC, 27608
 Cost:    $20.00 

These are Soul Connection Events!

                  Click here for workshop details:      


 2-Day Learn to Read the Akashic Records Classes

                         Beginning -    Learn to Read Your Own Records

                         Advanced -    Learn to Read Others Records

                For more information about workshops or classes call Rebecca
                at 305-343-2896, or  email her at HaloHealingArts@gmail.com.

         ~ By distance, by telephone, by Skype, or in-person, sessions usually available within five days ~

Akashic Records 

Because they hold the records of the soul’s journeys through all lives, some
people think the Akashic Records are about past lives. But if you are reading this, you’re an embodied soul who is here, alive and still evolving. And your most important life—plus the one the Akashic Masters are most supremely situated to help you with—is the one you have now.

The Akashic Masters are a group of Master Teachers and Guides who give you strategic information so you can make the best free-will choices today, in order to shape the future you long to create going forward. During a reading they will speak to you directly, through Rebecca, who channels them. But, also during your reading, the Akashic Masters will channel healing light energy through you, bathing you with it in a way that helps you shift: clarifying struggles, illuminating your path ahead, and giving you the freedom to choose new ways of being as you move into grace. In fact, getting an Akashic Reading can be much like getting the sort of life-changing ‘life review’ some people report from near-death experiences…and just as transformative!

The Akashic Masters and Teachers can answer all your questions about about your past, present experiences, and future soul path intentions and probability tracks, as well provide information about those who have been or are with you on your journey (including your spirit guides and angels). They can also help you identify and release things that block you, examine underlying motives and habitual responses, and offer solutions for making the changes you desire, so that you can create a life of greater joy, abundance and fulfillment. 

Areas you may want to ask about include:

Interactions with friends and family 
Romantic longings or conflicts  
Repeating patterns and behaviors
Recurring Dreams
Creative Expression
Health Issues
Moving or relocating
Spiritual Growth or Path
Past Lives
Soul Purpose
Your Guides and Angels

For more information about getting an Akashic Record Reading, or to book an appointment, please call 305-343-2896

Atomic Energy Healing Sessions 

Energy Healing works in-person or long-distance with the electrical, magnetic, and other energies which modern science has recently proved pulse through (and emanate from) us. Increased optimism, along with greater emotional and spiritual well-being, and relief from pain and stress, are just some of the benefits.

  What Happens During A Session?

For a session, you remove your shoes and lie comfortably, fully clothed, on a massage table (or on a bed, if  receiving a distance healing). During the session many people experience a peaceful, meditative state, somewhat like a light sleep. Others experience sensations of warmth, or light, or feel they enter altered states during a session, while still others relive vivid memories connected with issues that may have led to physical or emotional difficulties they have come to clear.

  Atomic Energy Healing Science is the name I have given to the unique blend of techniques and skills I use based on 20+ years of training and practice with 5 distinct energy healing modalities. Through the years they have grown into a blend that offers more than any single one of the modalities. Plus, because each person is unique, and even the same person is in a different place each time they receive a session, every healing session is individually tailored to who and where you are in the moment. 

But in essence? The Atomic Energy Healing I practice consists of streaming
high-frequency energy particles into and through your human energy field and physical body, including the Chakras,* in a way that clears, untangles, unblocks, and revitalizes your cells at physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional levels. 

Atomic Energy Healing is especially helpful...

For those stressed by the pace of things, who 
want to cultivate calm and higher consciousness, along with resilient health, in the midst of the human culture-storms that batter us.

For those suffering from mental or emotional pain, including anxiety, depression, or grief from loss (of a loved one or a career, for example).

For those whose motion is limited by a chronic condition or illness.

For those recovering from an injury, or surgery. 

For those seeking a sense of blissfull connection with Divine presence and consciousness.

 More about Atomic Energy Healing Science

 -  A Short Lesson in Energy Anatomy

Our physical cells are made of atoms. Atoms are made of positive and negative electrical elements that whirl around a nucleus, in varying combinations. This means our bodies are not "solid" as we tend to think of them, but at the most basic level, are made of energy. Not only that, but our energy 'anatomy' is not just inside us; every one of us is surrounded and inter-penetrated by a human energy field ~ a Halo~ of pulsing electric and magnetic energies.

Cultures around the world have described and worked with the human energy field to improve well being or treat adverse conditions for over 5,000 years.

Most forms of Energy Healing also focus on the  7 major whirling  vortexes of energy seated along the spine that are called Chakras.  The Chakras correspond roughly to the human endocrine system in Western medicine, and are major portals  through which energy moves into and through us.

Historically and today, 
most people who are aware of or work with the human energy field consider it to be sacred, the part of you that forms an energetic bridge between you and your spiritual or divine source. 

In line with this, when I give an Atomic Energy Healing session I do not work alone, but with a variety of high-level healing guides (including your own), in order to effect healthy mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical changes. And, because this type of energy work is multi-dimensional, it works just as well if you are on another continent as it does when you are lying on the massage table in my office. 

For more information, or to book a free 15 minute consultation,
please call or email.



Astrology Chart Interpretation

Your horoscope is blueprint of all the strengths, weaknesses, patterns, trends, talents, mental attributes and creative potentials you were born with. A horoscope reading by an Astrologer can help you make the best choices for reaching the very highest levels of success and personal fulfillment in your life: what actions to take, and WHEN to take them . A true horoscope is calculated for the exact place, day, year, and time of your birth. Most people find out their birth time from their birth certificate or a parent, but for suggestions about other resources where you might find your correct time, please contact me.

One common misconception about Astrology 
is that your planet and star combinations somehow make or cause you to be a certain way, or do certain things that YOU CANNOT EVER CHANGE! In this silly scenario, it's as if you were a puppet blindly operated by mysterious 'rays' streaking through the sky from billions of miles away! 

But that is not real Astrology. Real Astrology is an empirical
 science. This means that only after long-term study to see IF trends and events in the lives of nations or people actually, and consistently, correspond to specific planet or star placements, are conclusions drawn about relationships between you, or your country, and what's happening in the sky. Not only that, but once you understand the raw (star) material of self you have to work with, you can use that knowledge to make free-will choices to use what you have to improve your life.

Of course, since Astrology is thousands of years old, there is a great body of solid study about planet - human correspondences. And the knowledge gained has been passed down, and written, about for decades. This means that those who seriously study real Astrology quickly find it is rooted in an "as above so below" paradigm (not the idea of shooting 'rays' that mysteriously manipulate human behavior from beyond). Quite simply, the idea of 'as above so below' is that the macrocosm (planets and stars in our solar system) and microcosm (we individuals here on earth) function according to the same universal principles.

Another common misconception about Astrology is that it "tells you" your PREDETERMINED FATE based on your planets and stars. But this IS NOT the point of view of reputable modern Astrologers. Modern Astrologers know that, far from having a predetermined fate, the wise person RULES his or her own stars!

So how do we 'rule' our own stars? The truth is that all planet, sign, and star combinations have light and shadow (or higher self and lower self) expressions. And whether you develop or express the light or shadow side of the talents, tendancies, and challenges in your personal birth chart is YOUR free-will choice, no matter what kind of chart you have! This choice we all have explains how a great artist and a criminal born at exactly the same time in the same place can be so different: clearly, the artist chose a higher self path of light, while the criminal chose a lower self/ shadow path.

Finally, the third most common misconception about Astrology is that it's way too general to have any meaning at all. And this idea comes from newspaper horoscope paragraphs that give general information based on the 12 Sun signs. But...

Every person also has the Moon, Rising sign, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and even Chiron (an important asteroid) in different signs. Plus, and equally important, all these planets in signs also have things called the house placements and aspects that need to be considered.

And to make things even more complex? All of these planets, signs, houses, and aspects are regularly triggered, or activated, by the motion of the planets in their constant orbits around the sun. So the influences activated in your birth chart last month, or last year, are never the same as they are today, or next year.

Real Astrology not only takes ALL these separate elements into account when your chart is interpreted - it also considers and interprets how they interact and blend together over time. And that is where the science of Astrology becomes an art.

Yes, there are dozens of excellent bo
oks, as well as online, and computer generated interpretations available today: but none of them is able to synthesize how YOUR unique blend of planets and stars, houses and aspects, interact with and modify each other, and are in turn modified by what's happening in the sky today, next month, or next year. That is something only live, professional Astrologer can do.

And once you are armed with real Astrological information? About your inherent gifts, how to best resolve or work around your challenges, and what you can expect to expect to encounter in the year ahead? The sky is never a limit then, but instead a reliable guide to how you can manifest or accomplish what you want to personally and professionally. And that guidance is enhanced by your having a clear picture of how to make the very best choices going forward!

Astrological Services 
Full Horoscope — Your Birth Map and Overview of the year ahead.

Future — Your Detailed Year Ahead Profile

Relationships — Compatibility Comparison of your chart to that of someone you love or work with, so you can make the most of your relationships.

Elections — Find out the  best time to launch your project, move, trip, business,  marriage 
or other undertaking.

For more information about getting a phone or in-person Astrology Reading, or to book an appointment, please text, call, or email.

                                                       ~ 305-343-2896 ~


Workshop Topics

Akashic Record Wisdom Gallery Workshops

(Monthly at the Dancing Moon, Raleigh, NC 
click on link below  for dates)

Learn How to Meditate
Group Meditation Circles
How To Create and Maintain Sacred Space
How To Protect Yourself With Divine Energy
Spiritual Connection Through Prayer and Ritual
Spiritual Connection in 12-Step Recovery 

How To Connect With Angels
How To Connect With Spirit Guides
Channeling ~ What It Is and How To Get Started
Intuitive Perception & Development Basics
Advanced Intuitive Perception & Development
 (Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, and  Kinesthetic Perception)

Beginning Astrology
Electional Astrology (Intermediate to Advanced)
Atomic Energy Healing Basics
Master Your Own Chakras

Lecture Topics

Understanding Our Akashic Record Soul Paths

Understanding Astrology

Understanding The New Spirituality

Lightworkers ~ Who They Are and Why They Matter

How To Enhance Your Spiritual Practices

Psychic and Spiritual Health and Ethics

Natural Health for Mind, Body, and Spirit

12-Step Recovery & Spirituality

Hosted Rituals & Ceremonies 

New Home or Office Blessings

New Moon Intention Setting 

Full Moon Celebration
Equinox and Solistice Intention Setting

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